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released September 20, 2012



all rights reserved


UNICRON Raleigh, North Carolina

UNICRON is a six-piece heavy band hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina. Their music is about war, brotherhood, and world destruction.

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Track Name: 'Til All Are One
There is no future here. Only the battle-tested steel. Don't leave me for dead, I still function. Without a name, if I die, who will remember me? The greater question still remains. They start the pits of Kaon to fight for a name. They battle through this for the honor to be. You may lose your faith in us but never in yourselves. You may lose your faith in us.
Track Name: Our Darkest Hour
This is it. Our last stand together. I have your back. We must allow for this heroic nonsense to take place in our hearts. We will not go quietly. I have your back. They'll never get to you, I have your back. I will light your darkest hour, we will light your darkest hour. Don't you give up on me. I will light your darkest hour. We will light your darkest hour.
Track Name: City Under Siege
They're at the walls. They're breaking through at every turn. Draw the gates. Call in the Dinobots before it's too late. Race down to reside in the fortified walls. With friends at every turn, we'll make this stand. I've got better things to do tonight than die.
Track Name: The Halls Of Iacon
Broken unto my basic foundation. Ridicule is what awaits us who speak out. Revolution is the dream within arms length. The caste system must lie in ashes in our wake. Never let on this corruption can't live with these former leaders in disguise. Their eyes stare through me. Can't justify what we have become or that our glorious city lies in ruins and our streets are littered with the dead. War was not my desired location. Walk the halls of Iacon, stare into the eyes of our past transgressions. Walk the halls of Iacon. Walk down the halls of Iacon. Stare into the eyes of the dead and dying.